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Haitian Community Development Project, inc has entered into an agreement to collaborate with Inciner8 International to bring a small incinerator to Haiti to address the waste issue in the country.

Addressing the growing solid waste problem in the country of Haiti Inciner8 Limited is based in the United Kingdom and has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of incinerators throughout the world.

Their dealership network spans across over 42 countries throughout the world and have customers in 95 countries on every continent.

Inciner8 is committed to an environmental policy, which necessitates that their product development takes into account all environmental concerns. Their latest technology is aimed at recycling as much fuel and energy into usable resources for example, heat, electricity and even distilled water.

The problem that can be seen in Haiti with the waste issue is a growing concern, which should be addressed quickly and efficiently.

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Grant Received for Music Program

Grant Received for Music Program
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HCDP Meets with Senator

HCDP Meets with Senator

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