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HCDP Music Program The International Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the First Presbyterian Church from 4:30 to 7:00 PM.

This event features traditional cuisine, music and dancing from Latin America, Europe, Africa and India. Everyone is welcome. Bring a dish to share!


The Committee for the International Culinary Art Cultural Festival, Carline Seide-Murphy, Karen Frishkoff, Sonia Cintron, Nina Slansky and Hosne Ara Kader, the Haitian Community Development Project, Inc. and others would like to thank the Columbia County Council on the Arts for the continuous support we have received that had made this year's sixth annual event another successful one.

As in the previous years, the committee was hard at work locating new talents and encouraging past participants of diverse cultures and heritage to come together with music, ethnic food and good fellowship. Most of the performing artists like Abby Lappen, Azouke and friends, Juan Basilio Sanchez from Nicaragua, Grandma's Angel (AME Church), performers of songs from Bangladesh, and Martin Baumgold (for sound), have been generous and very supportive of this event year after year.

In 2007, with the additional grant, Nina's donated items for a raffle and donations of art supplies we were able to invite Marlene Marshall, a well-known Collage artist, to set an art table for the children. Sonia Cintron brought students from her Spanish class at the Hawthorne Valley school to perform the well-known song "Guantanamera" in Spanish at no cost. The very popular local dance group of at-risk youth "Creative Groove Entertainment" led by a well admired young African-American, Stephen "Bush" Moore, performed their popular Hip Hop moves. We were fortunate to have The Irish Set, a trio with group members in Albany and in Columbia County, ended the evening with their lively dance and music performance.

This event has become a venue of opportunity in many ways. The community benefits immensely from event like this, as it unifies the people and their cultures into one large community.

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2nd Annual International Community Dinner

Eighty people from around the community brought food from spots around the globe as distant and as near as Haiti, Puerto Rico, Bangladesh and Italy. Diners served themselves and ate at tables or standing up since diners outnumbered the chairs.

The children worked on a mural on a large sheet of yellow paper hanging in the back of the room. Drummers and dancers appeared in front of the mural and entertained with music and dance from Africa, Ecuador and Cuba.

The event was co-charied ny Karen Frishkoff of Harlemville and Carline Seiede of Kinderhook.




Grant Received for Music Program

Grant Received for Music Program
Buy Art, Support Haiti


HCDP Meets with Senator

HCDP Meets with Senator

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