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HCDP thanks all of those who supported our Hurricane Relief efforts. We received a total of $355.00 in checks and cash, $80.00 of food, and some female clothing and linens in the value of $20.00.

HCDP made every possible effort to ensure that the donations were given to an effective organization. The food and the clothing were packed in 2 boxes and were brought to New York City in late September where Carline Murphy delivered them to the Haitian American United for Progress or HAUP. This organization is a not-for-profit organization that is authorized to received donations on behalf of the victims by the Haitian Consulate. Carline was assured that the Consulate regularly picks up donations and a signed note by the recipient on the Consulate issued press release and letterhead was given to me to acknowledge the donations. A list of the items donated were left with the boxes to identify their contents.

The cash donations were used this week to order food from the Caribbean Air Mail, Inc. or C.A.M in the amount of a Money Order from the First Niagara bank for $338.00. This amount covers the cost of food to one organization, two families, a school and the delivery charges. Also included is a $35.00 cash transfer with a fee of $5.00 made out to Fondation Ayizan Velekete to cover transportation cost to deliver the food to Gonaives, the most affected area. This foundation has been in existence for over ten years in Haiti and it is run by a Tufts graduate who is now teaching at one of Haiti's academic institution: Faculte Ethnologie d'Haiti.



Grant Received for Music Program

Grant Received for Music Program
Buy Art, Support Haiti


HCDP Meets with Senator

HCDP Meets with Senator

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