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Among a total of 769 projects from 111 nations, Haitian Community Development Project (HCDP) has been awarded the 2008 National Energy Globe Award.

HCDPís environmental leadership employs a multidimensional approach that is innovative and creative in its implementation. It involves a comprehensive educational and outreach component that will, in cultural context, influence and encourage students in USí schools to collaborate with and in Haiti to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to recycling and other environmental issues. A school in Valatie, NY had added used cell phones and ink cartridges to its existing after school recycling program, and donating its refunds to support an established plastic recycling fundraising program in an underprivileged school in Haiti. In addition, with the sponsorship of the first incinerator from Inciner8 International, HCDP is moving forward in its effort to address the environmental problems affecting Haiti. In 2007, HCDP was named an Energy Globe Honorary National Winner.

Inciner8 is committed to the environment and has been involved with many projects around the world where incineration has improved sanitation and health. "We are honored," stated the CEO, "to be working with HCDP in Haiti on such an important project which in our opinion will benefit the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Haiti. In conjunction with HCDP we are also seeking sponsorship from U.K. companies to help support this project. We think that the health of the children of Haiti is of the most paramount importance and with this in mind, we (Inciner8) will propose our resources and expertise in trying to improve their living standards and health status."

Please, do your part. Contribute to this worthy cause by making a donation today. Funding to cover operating expenses, fuel, operators' salaries, maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses is needed. Don't delay, donate now.



Grant Received for Music Program

Grant Received for Music Program
Buy Art, Support Haiti


HCDP Meets with Senator

HCDP Meets with Senator

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