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The name Azaka refers to an association of friends who promote Haitian culture, as well as being the name of a spirit (or "Lwa") in the pantheon of Haitian Voodoo tradition who is associated with agriculture and working the earth.

Azaka was formed by two brothers, Ayizan and Azouke Sanon, both pioneers of Haitian Roots Music. They began by exploring the far reaches of their country, Haiti, in order to learn about the various traditions which existed there. The brothers were then involved in the formation of the groups Foula and Sanba Yo. After leaving Haiti for New York State, the have continued to work. The Sanon brothers created a group in New York called Vodoule which has played around New York and in the Louisianna Music Festival. They were also featured as an opening band for the Rolling Stoines in Washington, DC.

After these experiences, the brothers decided to focus on Azaka. The music of Azaka preserves the rich and hypnotic percussion music of Haiti, blending in soulful Pan-African funk and raggae as well. With the addition of modern instrument, Azaka brings the vodou spirit to the stage in an electrifying and dancable performace. Azaka was recently featured in the "Voices of Africa" series at the Lion's Den in July 2000. Azaka has performed internationally in festivals and around New York in various clubs. In addition, the group regularly gives free concerts sponsored by non-profit organizations and they have performed in museums, universities and parks around New York.

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