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The Mission of the Haitian Community Development Project (HCDP) as a not for profit, tax-exempt organization is to address the needs of the diverse ethnic groups that exist in the region and the cultural barriers that may prevent the complete integration of these groups within the larger community.

The HCDP strives to offer services that will facilitate integration and address development issues. Also, we aim to support the arts and cultural heritage of these ethnic groups through celebration and cultural awareness activities in the community.

If you or someone you know could benefit from these services in the community or would like to become a member or volunteer, then please don't hesitate to let your goodness shine and contact:

Carline Seide-Murphy (Bio)

In US:
PO Box 35
Niverville, NY 12130
Phone: (518)784-4395
Cell: (518)366-2551

In Haiti:
Delmas 75, Impasse Ste Helene #6
Rue Catalpa by the Quisqueya Chapel
509-3-677-7678 or 509-3-413-2750

HCDP Personnel

Fritz Samuel Angibeau, Engineer,
Carlos Fernandez-Cortina, Technician
Marie Carmelle Sanon-Jacques, Secretary
Jean-Marie Gabriel, Media-Public Relations
Esquire Odner Pruss, Legal Advisor
Villa Labranche, Translator,
Marie Carmelle Fleurimond, Educator
Michelet Joseph, Director Ecole Mixte Volonte de Dieu.
Marie Anne Joseph

Advocacy, Language and Citizenship Training

A primary mechanism for addressing those needs is our Advocacy, Language and Citizen Training Class and the Immigration, Translation Document Preparation and Emergancy Assistance Program that started with a grant from The Presbyterian Committee on the Self Development of People.

In addition, for 2 hours a week for 30 weeks a year, a bilingual French/English Instructor instructs a class of 15 children with limited English piano and music lessons. The parents of these children who are ESL learners themselves had requested the music class.

The First Presbyterian Church in Hudson, NY offers in-kind instrument/piano, space for ESL, Music classes, Cultural events and other functions. Funding for a center for this project is also being sought.

Art and Cultural Awareness

The Haitian Community Development Project aims to hold events that celebrate the diversity of the community and bring awareness to the diversity in arts and culture to the community through music, art and crafts, dance and sports. It is HCDP's vision to open a mulit-cultural Community Development Center that will sponsor events for teens and young adult memebers of the community through various workshops. The goal is to help them obtain the skills necessary in an area of interets to them and thus, increasing their choices for a more productve life.

Collaboration with Community Groups

Another mechanism is our collaboration with the Columbia Council on the Arts, Richard Sena Gallery, the Hudson Opera House, Time & Space Limited (TSL) and other venues in the community to bring awareness to the diverse cultural heritage that esisits in the regions through the Arts.

With additional funds from Twin Counties Cultural Fund DEC and the Fourth Down Association, HCDP has been able to support these annal events in the past: an International Culinary Art & Cultural Festival, performing in a countywide Arts Walk event, and the Festival of Nations.

Emergency Assistance and Similar Aid

This is a small part of HCDP's budget. Many times upon entering into the community, new members need immediate cash assistance for food or temporary housing for a short period of time, until they can recover the benefits provided by social services or become self-sufficient.

Grants are also given to fire, accident and domestic abuse victims until they are able to secure funding from other organiations.

Board of Directors

  • Carline Seide-Murphy, President
    PO Box 35, 20 Church St.
    Niverville, NY 12130
    Phone: (518)784-4395
    Cell: (518)366-2551
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  • Marie Anne Joseph, Vice-President

  • Bernadette Dominique, Treasurer

  • Jeannine Dorval, Secretary

  • Gregory Sanon, Arts/Cultural Program Coordinator

  • Azouke, Arts/Cultural Program Coordinator

Accounting Services
  • Karp, Ackerman, Skabvowski & Hogan, PC

Haitian Community Development Project
PO Box 35 Niverville, NY 12130 * (518)784-4395 *

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